Saturday, April 12, 2008

T.........est pattern

Funny, but when I wrote this title I immediately thought of the old "test patterns" on TV! Most of you reading this blog have never experienced a "test pattern", I imagine. Originally, they helped you tune in your TV. Boy, am I dating myself!

This, however is a much newer type. I was given the privilege of testing a pattern for a crocheted felted purse by the talented kellykat, another etsy shop owner. She designed the purse using giant granny squares in bold colors. It was crocheted in wool and then felted in the washer to make a very solid bag that measures about 11"x11" without the strap which is shoulder length. She gave me the option of making an additional granny square for the flap, but I chose to add a small solid flap instead, which fastens with a large snap.

Be sure to visit http:// to see all of her cute designs. I really enjoyed making this project! I chose these colors because it matches several outfits I already own.


kellykatcrafts said...

thank you for featuring me and testing the pattern out for me

Rosebud Collection said...

I think it looks great and you did a wonderful job..