Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Presenting: MagdaleneJewels

 This priceless little baby cocoon and hat is just one of the items that the multitalented MagdelineJewels presents in her two Etsy Shops, and   As a fellow knitter, I can attest that her work is lovely and her jewelry is stunning, both for the holidays and in all seasons.  Please take a moment to visit the shops of this fabulous Etsy Blogger!

Etsy Bloggers are Natural Authors!

The Etsy Bloggers Team is discussing book writing in one of their blog carnivals this month and asking if we were ever tempted to write a book.  After many years of longing to do so, I finally did!  Of course, it's about crafting.  In "Confessions From A Crazed Crafter", I expound on the ten reasons why I craft.  Some are serious:  some are rather silly such as confessing that it takes precedence over housework! 

I'd encourage all bloggers to try this.  It's easy and fun to do with one of the "vanity" publishers such as Blurb.  I'd look forward to some of  your efforts!

Thursday, November 17, 2011


Tomorrow is the big day;  will try to post pictures!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Two to go

 and it's panic time!  Now that we've heard how many are planning to attend our big craft fair this weekend, we're worried that we won't have enough merchandise!!  Actually, that would be pretty nice, now, wouldn't it?

Tonight I'm baby sitting and will try to finish these darling baby Santa hats:

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Wow!! Only Three!

Now I feel like the White Rabbit....I'm late, I'm late for an important date in just three days.  No time to post a picture, just say that most goals were made, and I'll get done what I can tomorrow!  Hopefully then there'll be more of an update!  Off to bed!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Just Four More

days until the big sale   We did even more promoting today so we hope lots of folks stop in on Friday and Saturday to see some neat crafts and visit with us.  We plan to have fun!
This morning brought a great sale, but that means I had to complete an amigurumi lion today along with the scrubbies and tagging and tomorrow means a giraffe along with more scrubbies.  What fun!  Here you can see the little giraffe and lion that went to Missouri today:

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Down to Five Days

and there isn't going to be enough time!  I'm sure I'll still be finishing set up and even an item or two on Friday morning, the day of the sale.  Today the elephant and five double scrubbies were completed.  The only complication, and a pleasant one at that, was that three orders came in, so that takes away several items and there will be packing and shipping tomorrow.  So, in addition to that, my goals are more double scrubbies , beginning the tagging, at whipping up a new hat.

Here's one of the items that sold today.  There won't be time to remake these!!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Just six days...

One of the very practical products at our upcoming sale is a set of unusual jar openers.  The soft, rubbery centers are very gentle on hands and offer a great grip.  They're also available individually at just $2.00 each.
Goals for tomorrow include finishing the amigurmi elephant, cutting the final 8 yards of netting and starting the double layer scrubbies.  Hope I'm as successful tomorrow as I was today!

Friday, November 11, 2011

One more week!

Whew!!  Just finished a hippopotamus!!  He came on the heels of 12 scrubbies and a new beanie all but some organization was completed today.

Above is a thank you note that will be offered at the craft sale next weekend, but it's also to thank all of you who have been following this series of blog posts.

Tomorrow's challenge is another dozen scrubbies, the organizing that should have been done today, and the start of an elephant...big tusks...oops...tasks (can you tell I'm getting sillier by the minute?)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Just Eight More Days!

One week from tomorrow is the first day of our craft show here in Kohler.  Publicity is continuing, projects are being completed, and we're staying positive about the weather forecasts!
Goals set yesterday were completed about an hour ago I'm focusing on three items for tomorrow:
10 scrubbies
                                    Sorting completed crochet projects
                   Making a hippopotamus

Fortunately the hippo is only about 10" long.  He's shown with his pachyderm buddy in the photo above.  Both are part of an amigurumi zoo that will be on sale next week.  They both were completed but sold last week!

See you tomorrow evening!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Nine more days to go!

Wow, time is flying!  Happy to say that yesterday's goals were met and after a "WigWam" shopping trip tomorrow, I hope to make 10-12 more greeting cards, finish another baby hat and  complete another dozen scrubbies. 
The "Thinking of You" note cards and some similar thank you notes will be available at our show in nine days.  We're hoping for better weather than we had today, which included a ton of rain and at least an inch of snow!
Until tomorrow! 

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Ten More Days of Challenge

I'm happy to report that my goals for today have been met, even though it means some very sore fingers!  The scrubbies I made today are all the plain round ones, but here are a couple of wreath scrubbies that will be for sale at our sale next weekend and in my Etsy shop.  They make great stocking stuffers or package tie ons.  They're made of the same tough nylon net and just as good for cleaning up everything from dishes to car hoods once the decorative ribbon is removed.

So for tomorrow the new goals are:  12 more scrubbies, 20 greeting cards and finishing the baby Santa hat.  Unfortunately, as hard as I try, this will not be able to excuse me from doing some cleaning...there's never an end to that!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Eleven more days of challenge!

Here's the first update!

Today was busy, but things worked out well.  All goals were accomplished except for 2 jar openers.  In addition, the friend that will be adding her jewelery to the sale stopped over to show me the cute earrings that she and her daughters made.  She'll also help with publicity and make the outdoor signs we'll need.  That will be a big help!

So for tomorrow I'll aim to finish a dozen scrubbies while I'm baby sitting...above you'll see the little cutie modelling one of the baby hats that will be in the sale.  Also, I hope to pick up some last minute supplies and continue working on the Santa hat as well as finishing the last two jar openers.

See you tomorrow night with the progress report!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Twelve Day Challenge

In just 12 days, my friend, Judy, and I are hosting a craft show here at our home and the challenges are looming!  We've begun to publicize, we are amassing our completed crafts, and are finishing many more.  So I'm setting goals for each day.  Let's see how I do!

First, to keep me more organized, I'll post about this time each evening until the big event, November 18 and 19.   My efforts became a little more complicated due to several Etsy sales.  I'm certainly not complaining, but now it means I'll have to make an extra amigurumi elephant and rhino as well as a baby Santa hat.

Today I had aimed to finish some quick shopping at Joann's for fabric, card stock and ribbon.  The latter were easy, but I had to order the fabric at a greater cost.  That was the only setback, however.  My goal of 24 scrubbies to complete sets such as shown above were accomplished thanks to many uninterrupted hours as we watched pro football (Go Packers).

Tomorrow, the following items are on the docket:

Make 10 more scrubbies.
Mail packages.
Edge six jar openers.
Design several greeting cards.
Start a new baby Santa hat.

Of course, all this is in and around our regular Monday schedule.
Wish me luck!  I'll update tomorrow!