Sunday, May 31, 2009

C.........reative Baskets

Several years ago, I attempted to take basket weaving lessons from a nearby teacher that does beautiful work. Even though I seem to have no trouble with the coiling technique used in pine needle basketry, I found weaving to be too much of a challenge. Not only do you need strong hands, but I could not get my mind around the over-under concept which at first seems so easy. So it's always a treat to find superb woven work, and in this case, creative as well.

Juliana, whose work and web site may be found through her blog at , has cleverly woven a wooden spoon into her spoon basket and created these lovely woven angels. Also, her prices are very reasonable.
In addition, she was kind enough to present me with a blog award and mention me in one of her posts. Thank you, Juliana!!

Please take a moment to check her blog and website for more of her thoughts and many more fantastic pieces of basket art.

Friday, May 29, 2009


There is little more pleasing to a blogger than to be featured on someone else's blog. I was lucky enough to have that happen to me today by another shop owner on Etsy.
Her blog post is about Going Green and she listed my scrubbies as an item to help save on other purchased (and soapy) scrubbing pads. It's especially an honor because she actually purchased some from me quite a while ago and has put them to the test. You can see her shop at: where she features these delightful magnets shown above as well as many other treasures.
You can also access her blog post at:
Thank you, Audrey, you made my day!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

T.........hank you

It's not always easy to get young children to write thank you notes, so here's a way to start them with a pleasant experience. When they have learned to print, these sundae shaped thank you notes may be just the ticket. All they need do is print three words! Can't you imagine how thrilled the recipients of these cute notes will be? This set of six "sundae" thank yous with envelopes were inspired by a Stampin' Up stamp, and will be for sale soon in my Etsy shop.

Sunday, May 17, 2009


One of the most rewarding aspects of Etsy is being able to make "treasuries". The object is to showcase 12 other artists by selecting one of their projects and combining all twelve into an eye-pleasing page. Above is one of my most recent treasuries selected from one of my Etsy teams, the Etsy Artists Lounge. Here I based the color scheme on the first item, a fabulous oil called "River" by jashme. These treasuries are available for viewing for about two days; then other folks can get a chance to make one. If you would like to see the items up close, here is a direct link to that treasury and another one that I have going for the Etsy Bloggers Team. But hurry, they will expire quickly!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

T.........he best dishcloth ever

Although I am not fond of most household chores, I love to do dishes! One thing that has helped me for many years are hand knit cotton dishcloths such as the two shown here. Mom taught me years ago how to do these and she is still going strong making these for her local hospital's now, at age 94, she has done thousands! I don't think I'll ever surpass her mark, but I do make them for friends and family and they are available for sale in my Esty shop. Many folks feel the same as I do: they're the best dishcloths ever! They are washer and dryer friendly and when they eventually begin to lose their color, they make perfect scrub cloths. Something so mundane can be incredibly useful!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

H.........appy Mothers Day!

My husband and I, senior citizens both, are very fortunate to have our mothers still with us, but we find so many friends who really miss their mothers. When I receved this gift from my own daghters and sons-in-law which included a darling plush elk and a certificate, I realized that we always do have a mother....Mother Earth. This gift, which they gave me through the Sierra Club, is a sponsorship to aid in the preserving of the Grand Canyon, a National Park that is dear to my heart. So on this Mothers Day, we are not only celebrating with our own mothers, but with Mother Earth as well. May they all be blessed!

Friday, May 8, 2009

A.........rt vs. Craft

Ever since I began crafting, I've been aware of the debate about whether we are artists or craftsmen. When the suggestion for this topic in the Etsy Bloggers blog carnival came up, I first consulted the dictionary where it seems the two definitions are almost synonyms or at the least, overlap. Both emphazise imagination and skill. Perhaps as with beauty, whichever you choose is in the eye of the beholder. All I could do is look at my own work and tell you what I feel is art and what is craft.

I find that art as well as craft can take all mediums and come in all sizes. Sometimes, within the same medium, I feel some pieces are art and some are craft. For example, the Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls took ages to make, and I did change some of the pattern, but I consider them a craft, and although I followed a pattern for the little girl's cropped cardi, the change I made to give the illusion of fireflies on it make it art. I am equally pleased with them both.

I consider both of the greeting cards you see here to be art. True, they both make use of rubber stamps, but the designs and paper choices are certainly my own.

Finally, I consider the pine needle baskets I make ( an urn shaped vase is shown here) to be art almost all the time. My style is vastly different from other pine needle artists; each piece is unique and each is my own design. If folks ask me to make another just like one they see, I simply cannot do it. I can come close, but each piece has a way of working out the way it wants to!

Those of you reading this post may agree or disagree with any of my thoughts, but that is more than OK. It is our vision, our minds and our hearts that determine the art and craft in our lives.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Words, thoughts, and artistic expression are the fortes of this month's Etsy Blogger, CREATEaTHOUGHT. When you step into the world that is her shop, you're immediately struck by her sense of humor and the variety of her projects. She has items that you can send, wear, post, and write in. I was particularly pleased with her OOAK (one of a kind) refrigerator magnet and card that says, "Rise with the sun". As an early riser, I'm awakened by the sun at this time of year, and I love it! In fact, I think my next etsy treasury will feature the sun. Please take a moment to visit her shop at for a lovely eclectic experience.

Monday, May 4, 2009

N.........ew Christening Dress

In the last several years, I have found that many folks are waiting to have their babies baptized when they are a little older than we did. My daughters were christened when they were only a few weeks old. But lately I've had several requests for lager size gowns. I adapted this pattern for babies and little girls ages 6 months to 2 years. It is hand crocheted from fine crochet cotton and adorned with ribbon ties. Because it measures 15" inches from neckline to hem, it is also suitable for those who are already walking. Featuring a cascading shell pattern, it is particularly appropriate for baptism, but would be lovely for any special occasion. The ribbon tie under the yoke adjusts for babies with a 19"-24" chest measurement. This dress and matching bonnet and socks are available in my Etsy shop!

Friday, May 1, 2009


It seemed as though it took forever, but it's finally spring in Kohler and the first to take advantage of the open windows are our cats, Kirby and Katydid. They came to us three years ago from the Humane Society and even though they are not brother and sister, they had been in foster care together. The perch is only big enough for one, but they both figured out how to sit in the same window where they have a glorious view of the back yard, the birds, and the neighbor's cats and dogs. They were so busy that they only turned around to pose for a few seconds! Ah...the life of a tough they have it!