Wednesday, April 2, 2008 3:

Between the Barbara Walters Special and the hype over John Ratey's book, "Spark", aging and exercising is becoming fashionable! From this wonderful group of participants in both, whose average age is just under 70, comes more inspiration to get going and keep going. Biking is another popular activity which is followed by stretching. In this post, and the last two, remember that ages here run from 52 to 85. Can you spot the 85-year-olds?


MaryB said...

Why aren't there any photos of you exercising?

Patti said...

Because someone has to hold the camera!

The Fearless Blog said...

Awesome...with another birthday tomorrow, thank the Lord, I should be doing the same thing. Now yall have made me jealous. What a great way to live your any age. I used to work out everyday, but found an excuse-the kids, little league baseball, and everything else in between-not to continue. Oh I miss those days...exercise always made me feel great, powerful and alive. I know...I must start again. :)

This is most definitely inspiring. Thank you so much.