Friday, April 4, 2008

S.........crubbie/dishcloth Part 1:

For many years, I have loved using handmade dishcloths and nylon net scrubbies. Finally, it hit me that I could combine them and make the most useful dishcloth ever! For those of you who crochet, this mini-tutorial may give you all the directions you need. The complete pattern and finished dishcloths are also available on my etsy site in the right hand column.You need about 7 yards of nylon netting cut into two inch strips. One purchase of the netting which is 72" wide will give you many scrubbies. With an "I" crochet hook make a loop. I crochet loosely, so you may want a "J" or "K" hook. Single crochet three rows, increasing as needed to lie flat. It should be about 3" in diameter. Finish off. You now have a very useful scrubbie as is. If you wish to continue with the dishcloth, see the post below!


Persimmons Gal said...

Great idea! Thanks for visiting my blog! Come visit me sometime I love to meet fellow crafty people!

shells said...

Awesome! I've been wanting to make these. Thanks for posting this!