Tuesday, March 31, 2009

N.........o More Whining at this House!

Seldom do I endorse a product, but since we found Ariel non-alcoholic wines, there's no more whining at our house! These wines are not the sparkling waters that are also popular, but have a pleasing nature that pairs well with food, just as most real wines do. There are a couple of reds, whites, and roses to choose from. You'll see a bottle of Chardonnay presented here with two beautiful glasses that our daughter-in-law etched for us, on a superbly made lazy susan that we purchased from http://woodmosaics.etsy.com If you love wine with food and don't want the alcohol, these are a great choice.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

F.........un with Fireflies

Do you remember trying to catch fireflies when you were a child? As they flittered, glowing in the inky darkness, they were irresistible! In response to a "firefly" challenge, I used pale green french knots against the top of a girl's cropped cardi and small purse crocheted from deep indigo blue yarn. It is designed for girls anywhere from six to twelve, with a 24" to 27" chest measurement. The little purse measures 6" in diameter. I would be perfect to throw on to keep warm in the cool of a summer night, whether she is catching fireflies or on an outing. This set is available in my Etsy shop and could be ordered in almost any color combo you want. It was designed for the weekly theme by Natasha on her Thursday Sweet Treat blog. thanks for the inspiration, Natasha!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

G.........ratitude Adjustment

After rereading more than a year of blogging, I really need to express gratitude for a year rich in experiences. The wealth of new friendships and the increasing joy they have brought into my life is immeasurable. Also, as I have learned so many new skills and techniques, it is more and more obvious that I have so much more to learn and that is so exciting. So to those of you who have helped me with that learning, those of you who have become those new friends, and those who have touched my days with new inspiration, I shall be eternally grateful. With love, I wish you all another rich and interesting year!

Friday, March 20, 2009

R.........ainbow Connection

Rainbows have always intrigued me, so when I entered a challenge the other day with a rainbow theme, I couldn't resist! Here is my collection of amigurumi fish done in each of the colors of the rainbow. Each "angel" fish is about 7"x8" and is based on a pattern from Lion Brand yarn. They are entirely of acrylic yarn and lightly stuffed with polyester fiberfill. I can just see them decorating the walls of a child's room or playroom, or even in a bathroom!
The very creative Natasha of DoodleStar has been inspiring artists every Friday with a theme, and then posts about those who participate the following Thursday on her blog. This week, with the Rainbow Theme, I thought of a pattern I had been meaning to try and did seven of these angel fish, in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. It was a happy experience and I hope to follow one of her inspirations again. You can see her blog post about the rainbow entries at http://thursdaysweettreat.blogspot.com/2009/03/exceptionally-talented-artists-create.html
Why not join her every week?

Saturday, March 14, 2009

R.........aggedy Ann and Andy

The fabulous Vicki Diane of vickidianedesigns on Etsy has "exposed" me in one of her remarkable treasury series. She did this one in tribute to JulieChristie and Java723 who are celebrating birthdays next week. They're two of my Etsy favs and I'm so delighted to be included in this treasury. These 21" crocheted Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls were just finished in time for this picture (they're the cute ones). They're made entirely of yarn and fiberfill from their outfits right down to the "I Love You" on their chests and their long curls. They do take a while to make; I figure about 30-35 hours on each one, but I loved making them as much as I loved my Raggedy Ann when I was a little girl, many moons ago! The rocker that they're sitting in was made for my mother more than 90 years ago and is a great treasure in our home. Please check out the treasures in their shops!

Friday, March 6, 2009

S.........tar Studded Blogger

All puns intended!! These are literally stud earrings in the shape of stars. They're designed in polymer clay by Nora at http://DesignbyNora.etsy.com
A fellow etsy blogger, Nora has a degree in Art and shows her beautifully understated jewelry in her Etsy shop. These particularly caught my eye as I see a great deal of purple jewelry in my Red Hat Society group and in other Red Hat groups we meet. These are almost the size of a penny and would look stunning on a Red Hatter or anyone with a love for pure color.
Also in her shop, she features quality, stunning handbags by her Uncle Naz. Do stop by and visit her soon!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

L.........onging for spring

By this time of year, the long, cold, snowy winter begins to be tiresome and I long for the warmer south winds, the bright spring flowers, and the joy of stepping outside without a warm jacket. Actually, we look forward to stepping outside and not having to watch our step for icy patches! Here, near Lake Michigan, our springs are cool, but are a welcome relief. Last year, a little friend of mine stopped to pose and smell the flowers outside our home. I wish you all the joy of smelling the cheerful flowers this year!