Thursday, May 29, 2008

M.........ore fantastic LA experiences!

After graduation, we had a lovely time touring LA, especially as our dear son-in-law was driving! You can see him, Becky and David at the Japanese garden, just one part of the spectacular Descanso gardens. The rose is also from Descanso. Another great stop was Griffith park where we picniced, rode the merry-go-round (after dd boosted me up onto the horse...quite amusing for all!), and attended a mind boggling show at the observatory. The other shot is of the historic center of LA which was founded in 1781 by 22 families, fascinating especially to me with my background in Spanish! Thanks to James and Becky for such an outstanding trip!

Monday, May 26, 2008

C.........amille's excellent adventure

Even though Camille has many adventures right here in Kohler or in neighboring cities and towns, she was able to have a wonderful trip to Los Angeles this past weekend. First she posed on the luggage at the airport in Milwaukee. Because she is a good Wisconsin bunny, she always flies Midwest. She was going to show you the chocolate chip cookies served on every flight, but somehow, they disappeared! When she arrived in LA, she went to graduation ceremonies at California State University, Northridge (C-SUN) to watch Becky be hooded and receive her Master's Degree in Elementary Education. Congratulations, Becky! She's showing you the morterboard, tassel, and diploma up close. She was then able to tour Los Angeles and many other cities including Hollywood, Beverly Hills, BelAire, Santa Monica andPacific Palisades. What a trip. We all arrived home safely last night. Now it's back to touring closer to home!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

A.........dventures with Camille in Kohler Part II

Today Camille invited her friend, Oscar, to visit the Kohler Sports Core. First they posed in front of the sculpture near the front entrance. Because she is a member and Oscar is her guest, they were allowed past the signs, and into Camille's favorite area, the family pool. This is a regualr work out area for Camille when she participates in water aerobics. Go, Camille, go Oscar, be fit!! Aren't Camille and Oscar lucky to have such a gorgeous fascility in their area? Aren't I lucky to have an alter-ego like Camille?

Friday, May 16, 2008

A.........dventures in Kohler with Camille...Part I

Today the new Camille begins a series of adventures in Kohler. The village paths are dotted with modern sculptures and botanical gardens. The garden glories change in summer and fall, but Camille is particulary fascinated by the glorious spring blooms. They are all within walking (or hopping) distance of any Kohler locale, and visitors can even rent a walking tour tape of the many gardens. Come visit our lovely village at any time, and stay tuned for her adventures at the Kohler Design Center, the Waelderhous, and even The American Club!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

F.........rom the flower comes the fruit!

For those of you who enjoyed the flower scrubbies, here are the fruits that follow! As my kitchen is decorated with apples and pears, these are a logical choice. They are strong enough to help with pots and pans and yet don't scratch the dishes. I'll be working on a peach soon. Then maybe we can have a "peach of a pear"!

Monday, May 12, 2008

F.........lower Scrubbies

The scrubbie made of nylon netting has long been my favorite and I've had fun creating some unusual shapes for them. In honor of "May Flowers" I've designed these flowers to help in the dishpan. Why says doing dishes is an awful task?
Because so many of you wanted the pattern, here it is! You'll need one 2" x 1 yard strip of nylon net color A, one 2"x7 yard strip nylot net color B, J crochet hook. With color A ch 4, join with sl st to form a ring. Work 10 sc in ring. Finish off. Join color B to any sc. Ch 3. ♥Work 4 dc in same st. Sl st in next two sts. Ch 3♥ Repeat from ♥to ♥around. Final round: Work one sc in top of ch 3, two sc in next dc, sc in next dc, two sc in next dc, sl st in next sl st around. Finish off. If there are any questions, just contact me!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

M.........other's Day with Camille

Camille, David and I had a lovely Mother's Day experience yesterday. We had the responsibility of delivering 30 Mother's Day bouquets, a project of David's Lions Club. You can see Camille in David's hand in front of a wonderful local greenhouse where we went to pick up the prepackaged beauties. They filled the trunk and Camille posed for a picture on top of them. Then it was off to the nearby City of Plymouth to ring many doorbells. Fortuneately most of the recipients were home and it was such a delight to see the looks on their faces when they received their roses or bouquets of mixed flowers. Some were expecting them; some were not. My favorite, was a lady who was so surprised
because she is not a Mother herself, and her eyes filled with tears and gratitude for the folks who had been kind enough to send them to her. The final picture shows the roses that I received. What a glorious way to celebrate Mother's Day! Happy Mother's Day to all Moms, especially mine!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

T.........ulip girl!

Our favorite three-year-old came to visit the other day and was fascinated by the tulips in our gardens. You can see how much she likes to pose! Her comment was, "All these beautiful flowers! They make me dizzy!"...with delight, we hope!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

F.........ree, free, free!

Until 2:00pm (CST) Friday, May 9, I'm offering a free scrubbie to anyone who joins the mailing list! On the 17th of each month, I will send a special newsy note to each subscriber and offer some incredible deals from my etsy shop. Just be sure you fill in the blanks to the right of this message under "Join the Mailing List". Also, be sure to follow dircections in the email notice you will receive. Here are just some samples of the scrubbies that will be mailed out Saturday morning (avoiding the mail price hike, of course!). Unfortuneately, I can only mail to the US and Canada now, but would be delighted to have subscribers from anywhere!

Sunday, May 4, 2008 Camille; a new experience!

Good thing that Camille was weighed on Friday, because she is already on her way to surprise a little girl in Malaysia. So she quickly changed colors and became quite a helper! First she guarded the pink nylon net that will soon be crocheted into scrubbies. Then she sat on a large box that arrived with my daughter and son-in-law that live here in Wisconsin. They had delivered an early Mother's Day gift from both daughters and sons-in-law. Inside was a brand new set of pots and pans! Seeing as my old ones were almost 45 years old and had become adept at burning dinner, I was thrilled and surprised! Camille fit nicely in the new ladle, but certainly did not want to jump into those shiny pots! How lucky I am! I can honestly say that I am the world's happiest Mom and Mother-in-law...even though there are others that feel the same way!

Friday, May 2, 2008

C.........amille sends thank you notes!

Camille is a considerate bunny and made thank you notes to include with the scrubbies she sent to the contest winners. First she stamped "Thank You" on the front, "Handmade by Camille" on the back and a picture of her inside the card. Then she wrote a short note and was off to the post office! The postmaster weighed her envelopes and stamped them. Then he even let her sit on the scale...she weighs a whopping 6 ounces (but don't tell anyone). Incidentally, not all the contest winners have sent us their addresses, so she's waiting to send out some more. She's even thinking of another contest soon!