Sunday, April 13, 2008

H......... e really deserves the compliments he gets!

Today, my dear husband (pictured with my younger daughter in New Hampshire last summer), received another cute compliment from a lady as he was helping me at JoAnn Fabrics. He seems to get alot of these! Most women say their husbands will only wait in the car. Today I'd like to let him know how much I appreciate his help, patience and support with my crafts and so much more. For example, yesterday he did all the vaccuuming while I played on the computer. Am I lucky, or what? I'm so grateful for the joys life gives to me!


Wonderfully Sew Knit said...

Very lucky! Your husband sounds like my husband. He always comes into Joann's with me and does a lot of the house work while I "play" We are both lucky! :o)

Helen said...

Well he's a keeper! I need someone to vaccuum for me :)

The Fearless Blog said...

You are very luck...yes indeed. My husband does not vacuum, but he does iron his own clothes. I have always marveled at that. I don't think he does the ironing specifically to "help me out." Instead I think he worries that I will burn his shirts or pants. hehe :)

pelecypods said...

Glad your husband is like mine.
My husband will even go to a quilt show with me and I have women say "I wish mine would come with me."
Yes, he also helps me clean up and even will wash dishes.