Saturday, April 26, 2008

J.........oyous experience!

She began by singing in her deep, beautiful throaty voice:
"Just when I thought the sun wasn't going to shine anymore,
"God put a rainbow in the sky."
Perhaps you've guessed who this is already!
Last night we had the great pleasure of spending "An Evening With Maya Angelou", a presentation by the Kohler Distinguished Guest Series and the Kohler Foundation, attended by several hundred people right here in Kohler, Wisconsin.
She went on to speak about hope, her life experiences, and her thoughts with an incredible grace, humor, and spirit. She sang; she read her poetry; her soul danced. She talked about the effect we all have on each other. She spoke of those heroes, and sheroes...that's no typo...that have touched her life and I couldn't help but wonder if she realized how much she has meant to so many people, especially me.
I loved how she talked about "rainbows in the clouds of life", and was deeply touched when my husband told me on the way home that I was the rainbow in his cloud.
Thank you, Dr. Angelou, for the most inspiring and touching evening of my life!


Nodin's Nest said...

I love all her work, how I wish I could have been there! How lucky you are!

The Fearless Blog said...

What an honor, what an opportunity!

Her courage throughout her life, her determination and ability to remain hopeful and loving...these are truly admirable qualities.

A rare treat indeed for you I am sure...

Wonderful also to know that you have a husband of such great stature who recognizes how fortunate he is and always has been. :) Beautifully written piece. A great tribute.