Saturday, December 18, 2010

Holiday Traditions

Even in this day of e-cards, instant messaging and photo cards, I still enjoy making my own Christmas cards. So when the Etsy bloggers team asked about holiday traditions, I quickly snapped some pictures of this year's edition. I've been taking a card class with a Stampin' Up dealer, and the ornament punch, border punch, stamps, embossing tools and a series of new colored papers inspired me. They were great fun to make, and I loved making use of the unusual colors for Christmas. Hope the recipients liked them, too!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Special Christmas Designs

Scrubbies are always a best seller for my shop, so for Christmas I've designed them in a wreath shape. Once the bow is removed, they serve for all kinds of scrubbie uses, from cleaning pots and pans, to exfoliating heels, to getting bugs off car hoods and windshields. What's also neat about this style is that they can also be used for stocking stuffers or package tie ons, saving on ribbons and bows or for mailing flat packages. They're also available in two shades of green. They'll last long beyond the holidays!!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Memories of Santa Fe

Even though I'm a little late in doing so, I still want to thank Divine Designs Jewelry, for some fantastic memories. She was the November EtsyBlogger of the month and these exquisite earrings are only one of the lovely items that make her shop so well worth visiting.
But especially precious to me were the memories this particular set have brought me. I had the joy of visiting Santa Fe several times and experiencing its unique culture, architecture, art and lovely people. If I weren't so happy living in Kohler, WI, Santa Fe would certainly be my next choice! So thank you, Divine Designs, for the memories as well as the visit to your Etsy shop!