Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Presenting: Beaded Tail!

Sharla, of Beaded Tail, has always been one of my favorite Etsy Bloggers, and this month she is the Blogger of the Month! Much of her life is dedicated to animals and the proceeds from her shop go to animal causes. You can see some of her cat earrings to the right and can find many more cat and dog themed items at http://beadedtail.etsy.com

Her blog is just as much fun as she features her own pets giving their point of view of the world around them. All pet lovers should check it out at http://beadedtail.blogspot.com Our Katydid and Kirby read it regularly!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Goals in small (and large) steps

"When life gives you lemons, make lemonade". How often have we heard this adage? Well, I'd like to make a slight change to: "When life gives you dirty dishes, use this lemon-aid"! It's all part of one of my small goals, to sell many more of these dish scrubbies on Etsy. Of course my long term goal is to be the Scrubbie Queen of Etsy, but I learned long ago that most goals are accomplished in small steps, so I thought I'd share that with you as part of an Etsy Bloggers Challenge.

These scrubbies, in various forms, have been part of my family's helpers for years, and recently I designed these in a lemon shape. Many folks I know are kind enough to say these are the best dish scrubbies ever. Not only great in the dishpan, they can be used to clean many surfaces, because not only are they tough, they will not scratch glass surfaces. So go ahead and use them on glass stove tops, bathroom surfaces, or even your windows. A friend of mine love these for Pampered Chef pans and another even uses them to clean her parrot cage! My husband finds them most useful for cleaning the windshield and hood of the car and has recently taken to cleaning golf clubs with them.

They clean up over a peg in the dishwasher or a bag in the washer and air dry in a snap, leaving no odors.

You'll find them in my Etsy shop along with many other styles, including my original apple scrubbies. Certainly some of life's little problems are curable with these "lemon" aids!