Sunday, August 10, 2008

H.........elp! There are too many PIGS in my house!

I don't mean the Piggly Wiggly bags! The temptation to use them was overwhelming. PIGS is "projects in grocery sacks", just one of the many acronyms used by inveterate crafters! The world of crafting is no exception to the internet love for acronyms and I've been investigating a few of them. With help from fellow CP's (that's Crochet Partners, an internet group), I've amassed a list that shows the ingenuity as well as the sense of humor we crafters posess.

Actually, Eeyore, who is peeking out of the first bag is a FO (finished object) and the baskets are presently UFOs (unfinished objects). Of couse UFO can stand for "ugly finished objects" , but we never put those in grocery bags!

Are you ready for a few more from those most ingenious CPs?

BOY: basket of yarn, box of yarn

ACADD: adult crochet attention deficit disorder (I was diagnosed a long time ago!)

MAMA: mile-a-minute afghan (a kind of afghan done on a very large hook that goes fast)

LYS: local yarn shop

RACK: random act of crochet kindness

AFH: afghan from hell (I really found this...hope it doesn't upset anyone!

Be back with another post later with more! You'll also get to meet my CTH who is also a CEO!

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