Friday, August 15, 2008

F.........rom silk to denim

I'd like you to meet a very exciting lady and the second in the series of my fabulous friends. The variety of her talents is amazing as is her personality. She also does a huge variety of craft projects and to show the range of her work, I'll start with her gorgeous, hand dyed silk scarves that are as unique as she is. Personally, I have two and have given many away. She also sells these and if anyone is interested, please contact me at the e-mail address in the right hand column of this blog. Let's move from her beautiful, fine wearables to her "blue jean" bathroom! The bib overall wall hanging provides many usable pockets for bathroom items. The towels are edged in denim, and there are several pieces of denim decor, including wall hangings. a tissue box cover, and a handy holder for "bathroom reading". She was brave enough to pose with her work and chose the "throne" setting to also show her blue jean pot holders and tote bags. Everyone should have a friend like her!

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