Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A.........mazing talent!

This is the third in a series of amazing craft work from fabulous friends. Quilting and sewing are just two of her talents. The quilted jacket is actually done right on top of a sweat shirt, making it warm enough to wear on chilly nights and even sometimes on winter days in Wisconsin. She has made many of these as well as the darling, almost full sized sheep! The sheep is sporting one of her scarf designs. These scarves have a scrunchie type tie, that make it easy for us scarf-tying-challenged folks. I love mine! I'm also in possession of a couple of her colorful kleenex holders. They're perfect for carrying in a purse. I must admit I was very impressed with her eggplant picture which she did in pastels and cleverly titled, "Before Parmesan". Now don't tell anyone else, but she also makes the best angel food cake in the world!

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