Thursday, August 14, 2008

A.........cronyms Part II

Please meet the CEO of Peacox Creations! My dear, CTH (crochet tolerant husband), was so dubbed because when I sell at craft shows he carries everything out! A dear friend overheard this acronym at a quilt show, but all the rest of the acronyms in this post come from fellow
CPers (the Crochet Partners group on Yahoo). Actually, he's practicing for the next show September 6 and 7, at Trimborn Farms in Milwaukee. He may be carrying PIGS (see post below), PILLs (projects I've lost lately), or perhaps NTBFUFOs (never to be finished unfinished projects). Your guess is as good as mine!
We knitters and crocheters also have two fun words for an un-fun task: ripping out our work. TINK (knit spelled backwards) is used when we take out a few stitches and FROG is when we really have to "Rip-it, rip-it, rip-it". I've been known to FROG an entire afghan!

Here are a few more acronyms you may enjoy: in progress in mind
PNB.........pine needle basket (I use that one alot!)
SEX.........stash enhancement experience (enjoyed by all the quilters I know!)
YMMV...yarn mileage may vary of a kind

Please join us for our next episode when we discuss syndromes!

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