Saturday, April 4, 2015

Fitbit Foray (from a little old lady's point of view)

Hello, again, my dear blog!  After more than a two year hiatus,  I'm ready to try a new approach with some new goals.  You are most welcome to follow this journey or check it out sporadically.

Just recently, my Fitbit arrived.  My step-son introduced me to the concept a year ago, and I finally took the plunge.  A Fitbit is a device to wear on one's non-dominant wrist which tracks the steps a person takes every day and encourages the completion of various activity and eating goals.

All of my life has been a battle to stay fit.  Even it I am an old lady, the "little" part of the title has never been true!  I'm not fond of exercise and love to eat anything sweet or salty.  Now, at age 72 (almost 73),  I'm willing to use the new Fitbit to improve the quality of my life for all the rest of it.  I do plan to have a long "rest" of it and hope to be healthy doing it!

After a few trials and the gradual improvement of the weather around here,  I'm officially starting today.  Despite the 28 degree temperature this morning, I clocked 3,308 steps walking around our little neighborhood.  The 10,000 step goal may not be completed today, but I'll keep you posted.  The secondary goal is a loss of 14 pounds.  I promise to give an accurate account of that as well, though I know there will be lapses and restarts.  I also promise not to turn this into a "Julie and Julia" column as I try to give the Fitbit a fair shake!

All reasonably positive comments and suggestions will be considered!

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