Monday, September 3, 2012

Flipping the Mattress

Today we flipped the mattress.  This seemingly mundane chore has had a remarkable effect on me.  Please allow me to explain.

A few months ago, I turned 70.  Initially, I told myself, "It's just a number, so don't worry about it."  After all, David and I enjoy good health, we love our life together, and all our children are leading satisfying, productive lives.  My mother, who turns 98 this month, is still in relatively good health even though she is in nursing home care.  She's always told me the secret to a long life is to choose the right ancestors, so that bodes well for the rest of my life.

Nevertheless, I've been in a funk.  Even David is concerned about me, so "as the mattress turned" today, I decided to make a few changes and share them in a new series of posts dealing with the aging process.  The goal is 70 posts for 70 years, but there is a good probability that will change.

You may consider this ramblings from an old lady, and stop reading right here.  You may gain some insight into your own aging process and continue to read to the end.  Or you may choose the practical middle road and read a few or some of the posts.  Though I'd love company along the way, I must admit, this is mostly for me and to give an outlet for my thoughts.  You are most welcome to comment and I'll try to respond.

Perhaps flipping mattresses is no longer that important, but it makes me feel that minor changes can make things seem new and fresh, an important part of an interesting life.

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