Wednesday, February 3, 2010

F.........ebruary Experiment: Day 3

If I could send all of you who are following my blog a personal "Thank You", this is how I would do it! Your comments really keep me going at it.

Day three of my February experiment is well underway. Yesterday I accomplished the following goals: blogged, listed two more items, finished deleting the latest photos, worked on a baby afghan and my new product, edited four shop items, read and commented on several blogs, and posted in all three team forums. DH thought I was glued to the computer, but it gave me a good feeling. Again, my shop got quite a few views and there were more comments than usual on my blog posts. There still have been no February sales, but it's still early in the month.

Today my shop attention will be abbreviated because I have to go out for lunch and play mah jongg this afternoon (poor me, right?) Hope you all have a fulfilling day!

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Linda Pruitt said...

"Poor" Patti--I love mah jongg! I have a form of it on my computer!