Saturday, January 21, 2012

Second Great Day! Winter Survival Kit #2

You may not want to look too carefully at this picture if you regularly receive a snail mail birthday card from us!  The first cards of the year were hot off the press this morning.  At least nine of them are completed and nine more are ready to be assembled.  You're seeing the three colors I've chosen: shades of coral, lavender, and aqua blue.

The 6:00am dip in the pool must have given me the energy!    We are fortunate to have a beautiful workout facility here in Kohler called the Sports Core.  Besides many classes, workout rooms and
tennis courts it features two pools, a lap pool and a family pool.  Being a very cold blooded critter, I  choose the warmer family pool for water aerobics and visits with Sports Core friends.

After breakfast and reading the papers, I assembled all the lovely colored papers, stamps, and inks so I could begin designing.  The above combo was based on an adaptation of a card I had seen before, but I added  some new elements and they turned out quite differently.  Tomorrow I hope to design three more and complete those started today.

Dinner was actually nostalgic for me as I made potato pancakes, an old recipe that was taught to me by my paternal grandmother.  It isn't actually a recipe I guess, as she taught me by how the ingredients look and feel as they're mixed.  I was so pleased to have mastered it as my mom did not like them and preferred not to make them, so after Grandma passed away I could make them for Dad as a real treat.

The clean up did not take long, giving me time to finish my book and get my nap in before an easy supper.  Then it was a quick hop next door to babysit while her Mom and Dad stepped out for the evening.  She's such a delightful baby and so easy to enjoy.  I got quite a kick out of her hitting her plastic golf ball with her little plastic clubs!  I also started a new winter hat for her as she has outgrown the ones from last year.

What a great day!  There's only the coffee pot to set up and the bakery to raise before the warm, wonderful bed will call. 

Buenas noches!

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