Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Day of Guilty Pleasures; Winter Survival Kit 3

I'm still stuck, but that's OK!  Today was truly a day of guilty pleasures.  As it was a late night last night, I got to sleep in again;  this time until after 8:00.  What a treat!!  We enjoyed a great breakfast of eggs Benedict and after a little  computer work, I settled in to the Los Angeles Times and the New York Times crossword puzzles.  As usual, one was much easier, but as you can see, I'll need to take another go at this one tomorrow morning when I'm fresh!

The greeting cards begun yesterday are now finished as far as I can get without buying more tape, and this year's anniversary cards are now designed, but that was the end of most activity other than a load of wash, because our dear neighbors called to ask if it was OK to bring over a pot of chili for an early supper and enjoy the football games with us.  And what a pleasant afternoon and evening it was!

Now it's quiet here and I'm indulging in more guilty pleasure by watching
Downton Abbey.  I must admit it has me hooked with a great story line and superb acting!

Hope you all found some joy in the day, too!

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Linda Pruitt said...

Downton Abbey! I'm hooked too!