Wednesday, July 9, 2008

O.........scar shows his souvenirs

Oscar was thrilled with the souvenirs we brought back from the Milwaukee Brewer game Sunday, July 6. We spent a great day with David's son and daughter-in-law at the ball park. It was a beautiful, warm day and we most Wisconsin fans do...ahead of time in the parking lot. DIL made delicious hamburgers and we enjoyed them with great muchies. Fortunately, our seats were in the shade, and up high enough that we caught a great breeze as well as a wonderful view of the field. We were treated to a Brewer victory with lots of scoring and several exciting home runs! Oscar's souvenirs include a visor which will soon be worn on the golf course (probably not by Oscar) and a "Barrel Man" bobble head, long a symbol of the Brewers, which was given to all fans. He's as big as Oscar! So we even have tangible memories of a great game, great company, great food, and a perfect baseball day!

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