Friday, July 25, 2008

T.........he "Frozen Tundra"....NOT!

We finally got to see Lambeau field, up close and personal! The other day we took one of the tours of this legendary football venue and we would highly recommend this for anyone visiting the Green Bay area, even for non-football or non-Packer fans, though we can't imagine that scenario! Tours are about an hour long, and give you a true sense of the history of this famous stadium. It's fun to sit in some of the very expensive luxury boxes (if only for a few minutes). Our favorite part was walking through the players' tunnel. As you approach the field, you hear the sounds of the crowd roaring! The shot of the field is from the south end zone, site of the historic "Ice Bowl" final touchdown and the first Lambeau Leap. We learned that underneath the field are pipes though which warm water and anti-freeze are piped when weather conditions would freeze the turf. So the "tundra" is never completely frozen. The final picture is of one of the signs that inspire fans as they enter to take their seats. This tour is a Packer Fan's dream!

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