Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Twelve Day Challenge

In just 12 days, my friend, Judy, and I are hosting a craft show here at our home and the challenges are looming!  We've begun to publicize, we are amassing our completed crafts, and are finishing many more.  So I'm setting goals for each day.  Let's see how I do!

First, to keep me more organized, I'll post about this time each evening until the big event, November 18 and 19.   My efforts became a little more complicated due to several Etsy sales.  I'm certainly not complaining, but now it means I'll have to make an extra amigurumi elephant and rhino as well as a baby Santa hat.

Today I had aimed to finish some quick shopping at Joann's for fabric, card stock and ribbon.  The latter were easy, but I had to order the fabric at a greater cost.  That was the only setback, however.  My goal of 24 scrubbies to complete sets such as shown above were accomplished thanks to many uninterrupted hours as we watched pro football (Go Packers).

Tomorrow, the following items are on the docket:

Make 10 more scrubbies.
Mail packages.
Edge six jar openers.
Design several greeting cards.
Start a new baby Santa hat.

Of course, all this is in and around our regular Monday schedule.
Wish me luck!  I'll update tomorrow!


mlambre said...

WHEW!!!! I hope you made it!!! All I had to do today was sing at a funeral and do a little shopping. I'm looking forward to the Santa hat. It's just adorable.

mlambre said...

WHEW!!!! I hope you made it !!

mlambre said...

WHEW!!!! I hope you made it!!

mlambre said...

WHEW!!!! I hope you made it!!!