Wednesday, April 8, 2009

G..........oing Green

As the world becomes more and more conscious of the need to "go green" and be ecofriendly, I've found that these efficient, economical and practical dish scrubbies never go out of style. These sets are even made in green! Many folks tell me these are the best scrubbies ever, as they're tough on stuck on food and gentle to fine dishes and Teflon. They clean up quickly in the dishwasher or a bag in the washer and air dry in a snap, leaving no odors. They're offered in my Etsy shop as a set of two or six and can be made in many different colors and shapes. Sometimes I even crochet a dishcloth around these nylon net circles so they do double duty.
The environment and going "green" is being emphasized by the Etsy Bloggers Team as part of a blog carnival this month. Anything that we can do to save this precious planet, especially in a country that produces so many of the environmental problems, is not only our responsibility, but one the greatest gifts we can leave to our children and grandchildren.


glorybe1024 said...

Love your scrubbies!!

storybeader said...

looks like some real useful items there! Good for you!

ChezChani said...

Very cute and useful!