Monday, October 20, 2008

F.........ront Page!

This morning I had the most wonderful surprise! As some of you know, I have a shop on the ETSY site (you can get to it by checking the right hand column of this blog), and it's considered a great honor to be featured on the front page of that site. A lovely lady selected twelve items for a treasury and ETSY put it on the front page! A copy of that page is just above. One of my baskets is in the third row. Two other ETSY friends, glassgypsy and dazzledesigns, are on the same page! Each treasury only remains there for an hour or so, but it's great exposure. So a big thank you to Iris! You can see her classy shop at


keenast said...

Patti, that sounds like a very exciting day to me! Your basket looks fantastic in this collection! Congratulations!!!!
I love your blog!Iris

keenast said...

Patti, that's fantastic news! What a great day for you. Your basket looks lovely between all this beautiful things. Congratulations, Iris