Sunday, October 5, 2008

A.........visit to Galena, Illinois

Last Thursday, we had a little get away to the fascinating city of Galena, Illinois, about four hours southwest of here. We had been talking about Victorian architecture and the city has many fine restored examples. One of the most prominent is the Grant home which was built for General Grant and his family after the Civil War and before he was elected president. The lovely view of Galena is from that home. You can also see a long shot of the home and a picture of me on the front porch. Because it is an Illinois historic site it is open to the public for tours. We enjoyed walking back into the 1860's inside the home. The parlor picture features Grant's favorite chair, that he took with him to the White House.

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mlambre said...

Every "Grant Teacher" should see this historic home. Can you imagine transporting a chair that distance in those days? Also, you have inspired us to try a B&B.