Friday, June 20, 2008

I.........f friends were flowers, I'd pick you!

I enjoy this little sentiment, but it doesn't begin to reflect the richess so many friends add to my life. The other day, a friend presented me with this teacup floral arrangement, which she called "herbs and edibles". She had grown most of the items herself and all are edible. I just couldn't resist posting a front and back view of this delightful treasure. May you all experience the joy my friends bring to me!


Nessa Monster said...

beautiful flowers!
Thanks for commenting on my blog!
I didnt make the tank myself, i feature items from other etsy shops on my blog!

Elena said...

Beautiful flower arrangement :)

mlambre said...

I am so glad to include you in my personal bouquet.

BlossomingTree said...

That is a beautiful arrangement. Good friends are special, aren't they?