Wednesday, June 4, 2008


A comfortghan is a small afghan (this one is 46"x36"), often given to someone going through a difficult period of time, or as a symbol of love and devotion you have for someone else. This particular comfortghan was especially designed for those of the Christian faiths, because each of the twenty individual teal colored squares reflects a verse or verses from the Bible. The white borders make the patterns stand out as well as unify the theme. The verses reflected here are "Rose of Sharon" from Song of Solomon, "Waves" from Matthew, and "Evening Light" from Zacharaiah. When I give one of these to someone, I include the Bible verses depicted in all twenty squares, hopefully making it more of a blessing!


Sharon said...

I have been experimenting with various square patterns, and I was just going to sit down and do the square that you show in the upper left corner! I like the way it turned out. Nice!

A Musician by Grace

Little Dickens Designs said...

Nice afghan!