Thursday, May 29, 2008

M.........ore fantastic LA experiences!

After graduation, we had a lovely time touring LA, especially as our dear son-in-law was driving! You can see him, Becky and David at the Japanese garden, just one part of the spectacular Descanso gardens. The rose is also from Descanso. Another great stop was Griffith park where we picniced, rode the merry-go-round (after dd boosted me up onto the horse...quite amusing for all!), and attended a mind boggling show at the observatory. The other shot is of the historic center of LA which was founded in 1781 by 22 families, fascinating especially to me with my background in Spanish! Thanks to James and Becky for such an outstanding trip!


Erin said...

looks like fun!

Nora said...

cool! You visited my side of country!

Waterrose said...

LA is so much fun...and even better when someone else is driving..for sure!