Sunday, May 18, 2008

A.........dventures with Camille in Kohler Part II

Today Camille invited her friend, Oscar, to visit the Kohler Sports Core. First they posed in front of the sculpture near the front entrance. Because she is a member and Oscar is her guest, they were allowed past the signs, and into Camille's favorite area, the family pool. This is a regualr work out area for Camille when she participates in water aerobics. Go, Camille, go Oscar, be fit!! Aren't Camille and Oscar lucky to have such a gorgeous fascility in their area? Aren't I lucky to have an alter-ego like Camille?


mary jane said...

how fun!
mary jane

The Fearless Blog said...

Camille and Oscar look great together. Am I reading more into this than there is? Does Camille have a crush on Oscar?

Great post, great pictures!

Anonymous said...

Too cute! :~)

Anonymous said...

thanx for stopping into visit me and your kind words

Dayna said...

I tagged you...why? Because I find your blog interesting and would like to know more about you!
Check my blog for the rules .... they are simple. Have a sparklin' day now!