Thursday, March 6, 2008

F.........irst confession

No, this doesn't have anything to do with church and actually has turned out to be three confessions in one. I do intend to make it an important confession in "Confessions from a Crazed Crafter"!
"I don't clean, I don't cook, and I don't do laundry". When a dear friend received a marriage proposal this was her first answer! Fortuneately, the gentleman accepted this qualification and they had a lovely relationship for many years. Though she has now passed away, I have made this a part of my crafting mantra.
Crafting has done away with the guilt trip of keeping house. Really, I do cook, do the laundry, and clean enough to be basically presentable, but it no longer dominates my life.
Even though I must confess that it's not my original statement and that it's only partially true for me, I now give myself complete permission to spend time with family and friends, and craft to my heart's content. Now that's a true confession!


monamigreetings said...

I'm still struggling with the guilt of crafting, but I'll try to live by your mantra :)

Anonymous said...

hear hear!