Thursday, February 14, 2008

R..........ed Hat Friends

A short while ago, I was asked to comment on who or what gives hope to my life. Certainly, my wonderful friends fall into this category! One special group is from Kohler, Sheboygan, and Plymouth. We began playing Mah Jongg two days a month several years ago and have also participated with great glee in the Red Hat Society movement.

Yesterday several of us journeyed to the Rahr West Art Museum in Manitowoc to see the "Art of Tablesettings", an annual show in which a couple of our members participate. They are shown here with their entry "Patricia's Summer Repast", inspired by working on this beautiful lattice wall hanging as well as Patrician glassware and a china pattern called "Patricia". A third member of our group created the flower arrangement. Such talented ladies!

Every leaf of the wall hanging was applied by hand before the quilting was done. How we long for summer during winter in Wisconsin! I'm not sure, but that might be a view of Lake Michigan in the background.

Of course, I volunteered to add a picture of myself for the occasion, but for some strange reason my request was denied....wonder why? :) After the art tour we had lunch and a rousing game of Mah Jongg accompanied by much laughter. With friends such as these, I certainly do not need a therapy group. My husband was once overheard telling a friend about what a good time we always have and then added, "And they don't even drink!"


The Fearless Blog said...

It is a blessing and a joy to have great friends and have them for a long time. Iris is my oldest and best friend. Believe it or not we have known each other since 3rd grade, in other words more than 35 some years. We have cried together, laughed together and our life is so much richer because of our friendship. I always enjoy your writing. You are able to say so much with very few words and THAT takes talent.

Patti said...

Glad to hear you have friends as I do! Thanks for the compliment on my writing. Thought you might like to know I learned early that it is all due to my teachers. When my soph Lit prof asked me to edit the yearbook he asked who my freshman English professor was. When I told him, he replied, "Oh, that's why you write so well!"