Thursday, February 2, 2012

Business and Surviving Winter

This is what you see if you place a special order with Peacox Creations or Peacox Too.  Winter always gives me extra time to build up inventory, even a mild winter like this one.  So I've been hard at it, concentrating on scrubbies, baby afghans, and greeting cards.  When these supplies have been accumulated, photographed and listed in my Etsy shops, I'd love to start on some paper cuttings and pine needle picture frames.  But this is also a good time to place your special orders.

It's time, also, to do some updating and promotion of my shops.  I wish I could get some extra help with promotion.  Of course the ideal person would be one who would take products in trade, but that's only in my dreams!  Publicity is one aspect that needs help as it's not my favorite part of this mini side business!

The up side is that there's time to do some planning and thinking!  Winter is certainly not all bad!!!

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