Tuesday, July 5, 2011

July Fourth Traditions

As another July fourth has flown past with its parades, picnics and fireworks, I'm amazed at how little our  personal traditions have changed.  In most ways, I take comfort in these celebrations.  It is with gratitude that I enjoy the company of family and dear friends on this joyous occasion.  But in another way, with each year's closing fireworks, I reflect on the true sacrifices made by so many others that allow me to have such lovely experiences in such a safe environment.  The flashes , bright lights and booming noises that fill the skies seem more and more like battlefields in my mind.  And though I continue to enjoy the day, there is also a sadness and longing for a world more at peace.  Although I will not see that in my lifetime, it is my sincere hope that those who follow will catch a glimpse of that world.
The Esty Bloggers team asked us to share an item in our shop that reflects Independence Day.  The best example I have is in my peacoxtoo shop...a flag afghan with a large yellow ribbon gracing the blue field instead of the stars.  It is in honor and  memory of those who serve and have served this most blessed nation.

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