Tuesday, October 5, 2010


No, you're not seeing things!! Those are apples to the right. However, the latest Etsy Bloggers Carnival has asked us to tell about a favorite fall activity. We just happened to extend it past the wonderful Lapacek Apple Orchard in Poynette, Wisconsin, where this first shot was taken, to...are you ready for this...the one and only (perhaps thank goodness) National Mustard Museum!!

That's right, folks, inside this seemingly unimposing building lies a true treasure, for you mustardholics that is! It truly spices up the lovely town of Middleton, Wisconsin. Here you can learn about (and sample) hundreds of mustards amidst the "tongue in cheek"...after you stop sampling mustard...displays orchestrated by the museum's official curator.

A good example is a visit to the Poupon U book store where you can gobble up t-shirts, books, and even diplomas! My fav was the "Doctor of Diddly Squat" degree. You can also take mustard quizzes, view more types of mustard than seems possible, and pay a visit to Mustard Piece Theatre to view a film that will have you salivating as you laugh. Not really a pretty picture!!

After exploring and sampling many mustards on such delicacies as mini-hotdogs and pretzels, we made our purchases. We send our thanks to Barry Levinson, the curator (and sometimes preacher) and his staff for a smacking good time.

If you're ever near Madison, Wisconsin, it's worth a visit. And be sure to sign up for the occasional newsletter from the curator or visit the website!


Splendid Little Stars said...

LOL! sounds like fun! I'm a mustardholic!

storybeader said...

that is truly wild! Sort of like living history museum... we run out of printer ink and they're scrambling for mustards! lol {:-D

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

Haha...Love the names of the store and theater :)