Tuesday, March 2, 2010

"P.........in Money"

How many of you are familiar with this phrase? Many years ago, rural women sold items to earn money so that they could purchase pins and needles that not only were expensive, but not always easy to come by. We take these items for granted today, but the phrase still means monies we accumulate so that we can buy little "extras" for ourselves.

Because I'm retired, I have the great luxury of looking at my Etsy account for this purpose. I truly admire those Etsians who have great economic success with their shops, but mine is really just for fun. How lucky I am!

Now for the February Experiment analysis. I'm happy to report that I fulfilled the majority of my goals. I relisted, renewed, or listed a new item every day. Most of my shop has been retagged. I was able to blog at least half of the days and introduced a new item, the heavy duty scrubbie. And finally, I was more active with the teams to which I belong. While my first purpose was to find out how this extra activity affected my sales, there turned out to be additional benefits as well. It surprised me that my sales actually fell in February compared to January, but the financial outcome was exactly the same...down to the last dollar! The non-financial benefits were lovely, however. I did more connecting with people than ever, and it is a great feeling. It also made Etsy more exciting than it had been in the past.

Isn't it ironic that what we set out do can take such twists and turns and have benefits of which we never dreamed? And aren't I happy to add each month to my "pin money"?


Linda Pruitt said...

I have never heard of 'pin money'. And that is odd, because I thought my mom used all of those phrases--she has quite a few! But I am with you, I use my "mad Money" for the little extras that I want.

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

It's fun to see the non-financial benefits too :)
I think Feb. was a slow month altogether on Etsy! Glad to hear you came out the same as Jan :)

Anonymous said...

I understand about try to get something but get another thing that I don't expect for.. I blogged and participated in some teams to increase traffics to my shops.. but I get lots of good friends instead.. the traffics increasing but not as much as I planned.. worthy anyway..

Kathleen said...

I had heard that phrase before and I love the meaning behind it. Glad that your Feb. adventure brought you some fun!

storybeader said...

so nice that your February Experiment was a good one. And I've never heard of pin money either. Isn't it amazing... pins were such a luxury item! {:-D