Tuesday, November 17, 2009

O.........riginal Holiday Art

How about spreading Christmas cheer this year with a card or cards with original artwork! Our Etsy Blogger of the Month, Becky aka "The Fab Miss B", presents her Christmas Cookie card for 2009. A reproduction of her original drawing, primitive style cookies that we all remember so fondly, dance across this card whose message reads, "Eat, Drink and Be Merry!" She'll even personalize them if you order certain quantities. Why not take a moment to visit her shop http://thefabmissb.etsy.com to see this card and other cards and unique ornaments, and, if you're into vintage, her other shop at http://beckykazana.etsy.com Nice work, Becky!

1 comment:

l'actrice said...

The Fab Miss B has a beautiful store and I love her Christmas Cookie cards. Thanks Patti for introducing us to this cute idea:-)