Friday, March 6, 2009

S.........tar Studded Blogger

All puns intended!! These are literally stud earrings in the shape of stars. They're designed in polymer clay by Nora at
A fellow etsy blogger, Nora has a degree in Art and shows her beautifully understated jewelry in her Etsy shop. These particularly caught my eye as I see a great deal of purple jewelry in my Red Hat Society group and in other Red Hat groups we meet. These are almost the size of a penny and would look stunning on a Red Hatter or anyone with a love for pure color.
Also in her shop, she features quality, stunning handbags by her Uncle Naz. Do stop by and visit her soon!

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Norma Gafford said...

Hi! I gave you a Kreativ Blogger award- go to my blog to get the rules and pass the award on to other Kreativ Bloggers you know.