Monday, February 23, 2009

T.........wenty five random facts about me.

Recently, several folks have "tagged" me suggesting I add to the 25 random facts about me lists that are popular now. My life is rather an open book, but in case there are any of you still curious, here goes:

My mother wanted to name me Penelope, but my dad rescued me. Thank you, Dad!

I spent every summer of my childhood at a lake in northern Wisconsin with my grandparents. Tough, wasn't it??

Winter is my least favorite season. I hate the cold and the snow. Perhaps I was mixed up with some Florida baby in heaven and shouldn't have been born in Wisconsin!

All my life, I've fought a weight problem and I crave sugar every day.

My greatest joys are my two daughters and I wish I lived closer to them!

I've been married three times and loved all three husbands dearly.

If I had my life to live over, I would do it the same way.

My mother is 94 and continues to inspire me.

I love to relax with a good mystery novel.

I hate housework but love to do dishes.

Crafting is my passion, and I craft every day.

My three favorite TV shows ever were The West Wing, Due South, and Keeping up Appearances.

Classical music can lower my blood pressure. Needless to say it's my favorite kind of music!

There is no way I could choose a favorite color; I love them all.

I love live theater. I've directed plays but have never acted in one.

My skirt once fell off in English class...and I was the teacher!

Some day I hope to be able to do the New York Times crossword puzzle in ink!

One of my favorite activities is playing mah jongg with a wonderful group of friends. We're also a Red Hat group called The Red Dragons.

I've travelled around most of the western United States in an RV.

Please don't offer me an alcoholic drink. I don't like the taste!

The name of my craft business in Peacox because for a long time my name was Patricia Cox (P. Cox) What else could I do with it?

I am a complete klutz. I can't skate, ride a bike, or walk a straight line!

It took until I was well into my fifties before I was really comfortable being myself.

When I was a child, we had a baby sitter who prefered to tell wonderful stories instead of just reading them. As a very young girl, I knew about King Arthur, Robin Hood, and Beowulf. I've been grateful to her since.

And speaking of gratitude...I am most grateful for the full rich life I contine to enjoy.


l'actrice said...

You are definitely a very interesting person to meet:-)

The Fearless Blog said...

Oh Patti when I got to the one about your skirt falling off, I laughed until I cried. I once showed up to class with a blue shoe and a black shoe. I did not notice until class was over. I am Positive that everybody noticed. I hate the taste of alcohol but don't mind a peach wine cooler a few times a year at a party.

Funny that you mentioned Robin Hood, Beowulf and King Arthur. Medieval Lit has always been my favorite.

This was great to read. Thank you for sharing.

TiLT said...

great tidbits into you :) Tell you what, I'll pass along some of my mystery books for some dishwashing :)

I think you can add on...and no one could guess my age from my creations or chatter in the etsyblogger forum :)

Ann Wilkinson said...

you and i should meet for coffee sometime...i would love to get to know you! thanks for sharing so much about yourself.

MaryB said...

I learned a thing or 2. I'd never heard the "losing your skirt" story before:) lol