Monday, December 29, 2008

W.........e love snow.........NOT!

There have been several reasons for my lack of blogging lately...and these pictures show one of them! The first 24 days of December brought us more than 50" of snow, and although the majority of the work entailed fell to my husband, I helped some, and we even enlisted the help of my son-in-law who needed to use snow shoes to get around the side of the house to clean the snow away from the furnace vent! Sorry for the quality of the pictures, but I opted to stay inside and shot through the windows and the screens. These were taken on Christmas Eve Day, when it was still snowing. And we still have three months of winter to go!
Nevertheless, we had a wonderful holiday, and we hope you all did, too!


l'actrice said...

Patti, that looks and sounds just unbelievable! Using even snow shoes! It's like in the mountains!! Haven't seen something like that for 20 years!!

Good luck!!! Brownbunnybyiris

The Fearless Blog said...

Happy New Year Patti to you and your family

A friend of my husband's from Wisconsin is in town and he just told us how cold it has been in your state. We thought it was cold in the Carolinas a few weeks ago-4 degrees below on one morning high up on the ski slope- but "nope" you have had it much worse. We were not prepared that particular morning and so I felt my jaw would fall off if I remained outside for just a few minutes more. Needless to say we did not ski but instead opted to buy "more" appropriate clothing if we were going to attempt any skiing.

I am glad you had a happy holiday and the pictures seem to indicate you are enjoying all that beautiful white snow.

May you have a blessed year...

TNT2008 said...

I think I would have stayed inside, as well. Cold is not my friend!

Your basket on your etsy mini is beautiful.