Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I.........t's all about family

As most of us, I've attended my share of 50th wedding anniversaries, and for so long, they were always for what I would call folks in their golden years. For some strange reason, that is no longer true and those celebrating this remarkable time are now younger than ever. 50 years ago, I had the honor of being in my cousin's wedding party, and we were honored to be there to celebrate this happy occasion with them. The surprise party, hosted by their five children, was held last Saturday evening. Here you see the "bride and groom" cutting their anniversary cake (which was delicious). For the first time in many years, my sister and I were able to be with our three cousins at the same time. The second picture is of the "Evans girls", including my mother. What a joy it was to be with our family and relive such wonderful memories from long ago. Happy anniversary, Dick and Sue; and wish you many more!

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