Monday, September 15, 2008

B.........rand New Book!

How many times have you heard someone say, "I really should write a book!"? Thanks to easy desk-top publishing, and using Blurb through Flickr, I finally have taken the plunge and written Confessions from a Crazed Crafter! Dedicated to the wonderful women in my life, it features 10 chapters with titles such as, "My Mother Made Me Do It", "I Once Had a Fling With Feathers", and "There are too many PIGS in my House". Obviously it's written "tongue in cheek" and is autobiographical in nature. It's liberally sprinkled with more than 125 photos, many of them crafts that I have done. It also has a chapter devoted to the talents of several extraordinary friends. It was such fun to do and I would encourage anyone to try this scintillating project! Several interior pages are shown below.


Nora said...

wow! that's so cool! You have written a book! Congrats! :D

TheresaJ said...

WOW! How wonderful! Congratulations!

... and you baskets are beautiful, by the way. :)

MaryB said...

How do we get a copy?
Very cool:)

my blog said...

this is really cool. congrats

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